Paul Dickov Column: Handling pressure of race that will go down to the wire

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I think it is safe to say the race for sixth place in League One will only be decided on the final day of the season.

For this division to be as tight as it is for so long, it has been incredible and it looks like it is going to go all the way to the end.

I feel we have the stomach to handle the pressure

I feel we have the stomach to handle the pressure

Regardless of who is involved, there are still so many teams in the mix.

Looking at us at Doncaster Rovers, four of our next five games are against teams chasing the spot.

And then if you look at all of those teams, everyone is playing each other.

People are still talking about whether Sheffield United can be caught in fifth but I don’t know.

It’s going to be difficult. They have a few points cushion on everyone else.

But ultimately, what is all comes down to for us and all the other teams in the chase, is getting results.

We’ve just got to win our games and we where that takes us.

I’m sure that will be the same message the other managers in our position will be giving their players.

Results are what matters now.

We want to try and play good football which is what we have tried to do since I’ve been here.

But when you get to the end of the season and you’re in with a shout of pushing into the play-offs, it’s all about the result.

If we can play well and win, great, But sometimes if it has to be a scrappy, gritty performance where the quality is not great, as long as the three points come everyone is happy.

Performances are very quickly forgotten when you’ve won a game.

It is also all about being able to manage the pressure of the situation.

I think the last few weeks have shown the pressure that comes onto the team sitting in sixth place.

We were in there for a week and dropped out, Barnsley have been in there, Rochdale and now Chesterfield.

It has shown there’s some sort of pressure as well as that pressure of getting into the top six in the first place.

The team that finishes sixth will be the one that handles the pressure best.

Credit to the top four because they’ve handled that pressure all season and that is why they are so comfortable in where they are.

It is now up to the rest of us to prove we have the stomach for this last month of the season.

And I am confident my squad has it.