Mickey Walker: ‘Winner’ Dickov can guide Rovers to top half finish

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

I am quite surprised at the quality of the Championship.

Having managed in it, and worked in it for the last few years, and seen a lot of games since I moved out, I don’t think it’s one of the strongest leagues this year apart from a couple of sides at the top.

Former director of football Mickey Walker

Former director of football Mickey Walker

I think there’s an opportunity there for teams, particularly the lower budgeted sides, to do better than they probably thought they would. You include Rovers among those smaller budget teams. And sadly to say you include Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley in there too.

A good season for Doncaster is firstly to survive. That’s always the case when you go back into a higher league. Staying up is the priority.

But I think they’ll finish somewhere in the top half, just above half way. I think the manager has got people playing for him.

He hasn’t got a big staff, and having worked at Rovers I know what that’s like.

But he’s got good contacts and it looks like the managers of other clubs, and people that have been associated with Paul Dickov have taken a shine to Paul. They’re allowing good players to come under his umbrella.

When you let a player go out on loan you’re placing your trust in someone else to look after your child if you like.

I’ve met Paul a few times and one thing we can do is see eye to eye, because we’re both the same height!

But joking apart he seems a genuine sort of person and he’s made himself available to people, to talk to people and to meet people.

He’s got good contacts. He was respected as a player and let’s hope that he goes on to be a top manager for Doncaster Rovers.

The attitude of the players has impressed me so far this season.

And, not taking anything away from Sean O’Driscoll, but Paul knows how to win games.

You tell me who Doncaster played in the penultimate game of last season, you won’t remember. You’ll remember Brentford though.

Football is all about winning.

And this young man can win games. He gets players believing they can win games.

He was a winner himself. He liked to score goals and worked so hard on the pitch.

He was a nuisance on the pitch which was good, and he’s putting that into the players, along with the ability they’ve got. He’s gelling that together and long may it continue.