John Ryan: Let’s make the Keepmoat Stadium rock against Brighton

John Ryan
John Ryan

WHAT a sickener again to lose in added time and that is now five points in the last two games we have squandered in our plight to avoid relegation.

It needs to change and change quickly. We really need to be going for it.

We need to be converting our chances to ensure these sides cannot get back at us in injury time.

Last Saturday was a game of two halves. We had Peterborough on the back foot for most of the first half but they were allowed to play in our half for a good majority of the second.

Again at Elland Road we appeared in the second half to be sitting back more and more and soaking up pressure.

Yet when we go forward, with the talent we have in our side, the opposition tend to panic.

The trend for late goals this season was set in the very first game of the campaign at Brighton when they got the winner in the eighth minute of injury time.

At the time we were down to ten men as we had lost Billy Sharp and James Hayter to injury and had used all our subs.

There had only been one team in it in the first half, Doncaster Rovers, until the horrendous tackle carried out by Lewis Dunk on Billy.

How that tackle wasn’t a red card I don’t know.

It was scant consolation that the referee on the day came and apologised.

I hear that we have a good young referee appointed to Saturday’s home game with Brighton.

Looking back to the Blackpool away game, which we lost 2-1, Stuart Highfield and I went in to congratulate Geoff Eltringham on a fine game.

We just have to keep battling away and things, I am sure, will turn in our direction.

Right now it does feel as though we must have run over 100 black cats. Luck has certainly deserted us this season.

When we hit the woodwork the ball comes back out; when the opposition hit it, the ball either travels along the line and in as against Peterborough or gets over the line somehow.

That just about sums it up.

The next half a dozen games are vital.

Two of those are away, at Nottingham Forest next Tuesday and at West Ham on the Saturday, with the other four at home.

We really do need maximum points in the home games; I’ll take anything on the road.

Tuesday is a real six-pointer, we must try and keep Forest in the relegation mix.

We go to a Forest club still mourning the death of their former chairman and benefactor Nigel Doughty who died last month aged 54.

He was a very courteous man and to die at such a young age after being so successful in life is a real tragedy.

It was good to see 10,800 in the ground on Saturday and I do hope that many of you will return this week and bring a friend.

Raise the roof and let’s get three points in the bag to set us up for the City Ground.