Fans’ Forum: I’d love to be left with egg on my face - Mike Follows

Rovers fan Mike Follows
Rovers fan Mike Follows

With eight games to go, Rovers are sitting around the position that I predicted at the start of the season.

After the unsettled pre-season, I suggested that an upper-mid table finish would be the benchmark for what could be considered a successful campaign.

I still think that we’ll finish within one or two places of where we are now and I’d still see that as a reasonable result.

This realistic approach has been decried by some as a lack of ambition.

Some people have said that this viewpoint means that I don’t want the Rovers to go up.

That is, of course, utter nonsense.

I would absolutely love it if Rovers sneak into the play-offs.

I’d love it even more if they beat Sheffield United at Wembley.

And I’d love it more still if Andy Butler heads home the winner against his former club and the manager who let him go.

There is a big difference between accepting something and aspiring to it.

Would I prefer to have the bragging rights as my prediction turns out right or be left with egg on my face as Rovers storm back to the Championship?

There’s only one answer. I like my eggs poached with runny yolks by the way.

There are still ten clubs in with a shout of claiming that coveted sixth place though and they’ll all be trying just as hard as Rovers to make it theirs.

With the loan window closed it could come down to who has the most luck with injuries or a lack thereof.

No doubt the statisticians will be poring over the form table of the last ten, 15 and 20 games to predict who will come out on top but at this stage of the season, the sound of shattering glass can be heard every Saturday as form books fly through glazed panels.

There’s no reason why we can’t be the club to put together the late push and looking at the remaining fixtures, all but two (Sheffield United and MK Dons away) look quite realistically winnable on paper.

Regardless of the next eight results, I’m just determined to enjoy the run-in.