Fan of the Week: Rovers takeover stance makes refreshing change, says Tony Greenall

John Ryan
John Ryan

So the Sequentia saga has apparently come to a conclusion.

No more learning what a hedge fund actually does, no more trying to find Belize on a map, and no more head shaking at Kevin Phelan’s interesting past.

Many clubs in recent times have taken the money and run at the Premier League without biting the gold doubloon to check that it’s real.

Portsmouth almost ceased to exist before being saved by fans and settling into League Two.

Coventry currently have a future darker than a weekly trip to Northampton should be.

Near neighbours in Sheffield and Barnsley have suffered their own strife following top flight failure.

Money is increasingly a primary motivation for clubs, players and fans alike.

The ocean of TV money looks inviting to swim in before the Jaws music kicks in and the sharks begin to circle.

Rovers’ decision to move on from takeovers and focus on their status as a community club is both wise and welcome.

The recent fan engagement policy has forged a greater understanding of what football should be; clubs grounded in their town, with fans at the heart of it - not hedge funds or property developers with an eye on maximising profit.

It’s about me and you and John Ryan. Fans one and all.

John Ryan has been a lifesaver for Rovers, ably assisted of late by Messrs Watson and Bramall.

Should he feel the need to sail off into a deserved sunset and sell to a new owner, then so be it. He’ll have the best wishes and gratitude of every Rovers fan for what he’s given to us.

New investment or a takeover will inevitably come, possibly even a resurgence of the Sequentia deal.

However, I hope next time it’s done with a great deal more openness.

I’m not a businessman, nor am I a financial wizard. I don’t need to know how every last penny will be spent.

But fans do need more information on who exactly is doing the spending.

It’s hard to engage with a mystery wrapped in an enigma with a bank account in Belize.