Dons: Carl Hall backs RFL’s ‘option three’

Dons co-owner Carl Hall is backing 'option three' of the RFL's restructuring plan.
Dons co-owner Carl Hall is backing 'option three' of the RFL's restructuring plan.

Co-owner Carl Hall has thrown his weight behind a restructuring proposal of elite rugby league – even though it will not initially benefit the Dons.

The RFL has unveiled three options for the future of the top levels of the game.

And Hall has spoken passionately to back ‘option three’ which will see two leagues of 12 that will split into three leagues of eight midway through the campaign.

The Kiwi believes the proposal will inject new life into the domestic game that will benefit all professional clubs.

And that includes the Dons, even though they would likely find themselves down the pecking order in the early days of the plan.

“It is not just about us but this is something that will benefit all clubs in the long run,” Hall said. “The game needs something about it to get people excited and this is the best option. This way, every game matters. You’re not going to be out of the running and you’re not going to be out of trouble.

“Supporters will buy into that, sponsors will buy into it, the TV companies will buy into it. It’s exactly what the game needs.”

Under Hall’s prefered option, two tiers of 12 teams will be created. Beyond the 24, clubs will enter regional divisions with the chance to win promotion.

After 11 games, the top eight of the top tier and the bottom eight of the second tier will break away into two separate divisions leaving the other four teams from each tier to combine for another division of eight teams battling for four places in the following season’s top flight.

The introduction of promotion and relegation to elite rugby league can only benefit the clubs, according to Hall.

He said: “As it stands right now, how do you put a five year plan together? What do you aim for? Look at Featherstone – they’ve won the league three years running and that’s the most they can ever achieve.

“For us, our aim this year is to stay in the Championship and then kick on next year. But what do you do after that?

“We might not be at the most successful level straight away but that doesn’t mean we won’t benefit from this.”