Doncaster Rovers: 3-5-2 ‘could be rolled out at all levels’

Rovers boss Darren Ferguson is thought to be considering rolling out his 3-5-2 system at every level of the club.

Thursday, 17th December 2015, 05:00 am
Darren Ferguson

That’s according to Rovers under 16s coach John Buckley - who has been mightily impressed by the Scot’s impact and also his tactical approach.

Ferguson’s switch to wing backs, which he implemented from his second game in charge, has coincided with the club’s dramatic upturn in form.

And, according to Buckley, the system could soon become a template for all of Rovers’ junior teams.

Buckley wrote in his recent Doncaster Free Press column: “He comes down and watches the under 16s, even in training sometimes.

“He’s not there to pick fault with anyone.

“I feel perhaps he might want to implement his system at all levels, perhaps next summer.”

Ferguson outlined in his opening press conference that ‘playing with an identity’ was important to him.

When asked if Saturday’s dramatic win over Crewe could act as a springboard, he replied: “It can be.

“I think the way we won it, and the reaction of everybody to winning it, showed everyone that we’ve got something about us at the moment.

“We’ve definitely got an identity in terms of how we want to play - and that’s important. It’s something I said when I first came in.

“The players have responded really well and we now have to get better at the system.

“Teams will see we’re playing a certain way and they’ll try and nullify that so we have to get better at what we do as opposed to us changing.

“It’s going well at the moment. Saturday was probably the best win since I’ve been here.”