Doncaster Rovers: Takeover ‘not dependent’ on Crowdfunder

Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan
Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan

Louis Tomlinson and John Ryan’s takeover of Doncaster Rovers will go ahead irrespective of how much money their Crowdfunder scheme raises, say the Tomlinson Ryan Trust.

The pair’s takeover is due to be officially ratified on July 18.

Yesterday their novel fundraising scheme surpassed the £600,000 mark - £1.4 million short of the £2m target the Trust are aiming to raise by July 17.

However, the Trust say the takeover will be rubberstamped regardless of how much money is in the Crowdfunder account.

They also insist that the scheme is not just about raising funds but also the profile of Doncaster Rovers.

A spokesman for the Trust said: “What is worrying many Rovers fans is that if the target is not met, will the club not be taken over?

“This is far from the truth.

He added: “This is a multifaceted project with finance only one part of it. The Tomlinson Ryan Trust is looking to develop and nurture a bigger fan base as we look to get to the Premier League.

“This project has given us media coverage to match the World Cup in Brazil.”

According to the Trust, the Crowdfunder deadline may yet be extended beyond the July 17 cut-off point.

When asked why July 17 was set as a deadline, the Trust spokesman said: “That’s the day before the new owners John Ryan and Louis Tomlinson take over the club.

“This seemed a suitable date to pick as with all these fundraising sites you need to have an end date.

“But we will be looking to move this project forward in more exciting ways, in which fans of both Louis and the club can be involved.

“These fundraisers are never quick off the start and we are confident that the target will be hit as more dates and rewards appear,” he added.

“It’s a new concept in football and something that will always attract sceptics.

“But the excitement we have generated, with over 33 million hits in the first few days, has planted Doncaster on the world map.

“We have had fans pledge from Australia, Singapore and the States, with many aiming to come to a game when Louis is here.

“This is a multifaceted project that is not all about finance but more about growing. The game has only just started.”