Doncaster Rovers: South hopes for new direction

Len South presents Rob Jones with last season's Supporters Club Player of the Season award.
Len South presents Rob Jones with last season's Supporters Club Player of the Season award.

Doncaster Rovers are back in Football League action this weekend but not in the division that Supporters’ Club chairman Len South expected them to be 12 months ago.

“This time last year, following relegation from the Championship, and with a lot of financial cutbacks, I would have settled for a season of consolidation and finishing around mid-table and have a push at promotion this season,” said Len.

“Even though he left to take over at Wolves in January, I think a lot of credit has to be given to Dean Saunders for building the team which eventually won us the League One championship in such dramatic fashion at Brentford in the last game.”

With Saunders being axed by Wolves following their relegation to League One, there was speculation at one stage during the summer that he would return to the club.

“I think some of the fans would have accepted him back, but there were others who didn’t like his style of play even though it proved successful – especially away from home,” said Len.

“We ground results out in many games, though picking up points when you don’t play well is often the mark of a good side.”

Len says that fans are hoping not only to a different brand of football from Rovers this season, but also more attractive games.

“They are certainly looking to be entertained and they are also hoping to see Rovers win more of their home games than last season,” he said.

“It is certainly going to be more important that we do better at home because I am expecting it to be much harder to win our away games than last season.”

It has been a more low-key pre-season in terms of opposition than some recent years, but Len says he is not too concerned about that.

“Personally, I’m not a big fan of pre-season games; you can’t really make a judgement on how a team will do because it is just a case of getting the players fit and back to playing football,” he argued.

“It would be nice to get a good start because it would give the team a confidence boost, and it’s good to be at home for a change in the opener.

“If we finished around mid-table that would represent a successful season in my opinion,” he said.

“From what I understand Paul Dickov is aiming a lot higher than that and if we do that then I’ll be absolutely delighted.

“Much could depend on who he has been able to bring in this week.”