Doncaster Rovers: Richie Wellens will not be selected

Richie Wellens
Richie Wellens

Richie Wellens will not be considered for selection for Doncaster Rovers until Paul Dickov is satisfied he is fully committed to the club.

Wellens came close to leaving Rovers before the transfer window after requesting permission to hold talks only for the move to fail to materialise.

Dickov revealed Wellens still hopes to move to a club closer to his home in the North West due to personal reasons and will assess his options when the loan window opens next week.

But the Rovers boss insisted the move must be right for the club rather than Wellens first and foremost.

“The move has to be right for us – right for Richie location-wise but right for me and the club,” Dickov said.

“There’s no guarantees it’s going to happen.

“You never say never in football. If a move doesn’t materialise, Richie will come back and be 100 per cent committed.

“With the loan window re-opening there is the possibility he is still looking for a club closer to home.

“With that in mind I’ve come to the conclusion that until anything happens he won’t be involved in the first team squad.

“We have a group here which is fully committed, and if Richie is looking to go elsewhere, his focus in not going to be 100 per cent here.”

Rovers head to Gillingham tomorrow and Dickov has already informed Wellens he will not be in the squad.

He is convinced this situation would not have arisen unless Wellens was sure he had a deal in place elsewhere.

Dickov said: “Unfortunately he got let down on the move.

“There’s no way, unless Richie thought it was 110 per cent, he would have come and seen me in the first place because we have a lot of respect for each other,

“It wasn’t because he wanted to go and get more money or anything like that.

“It was for reasons that he wanted to be closer to home. I completely understand his reasons.

“Richie is a top player and I would be sad to see him leave. But we move on.”