Doncaster Rovers: Return delights Ryan

John Ryan
John Ryan

John Ryan beamed with pride as he announced his return to the Doncaster Rovers hotseat alongside One Direction star Louis Tomlinson.

At a trendy secret location in Central London, the pair met the media to officially confirm their takeover of the club and outline their plans for the future.

It was a world away from the cramped outbuilding at Oakwell where Ryan stepped down as Rovers chairman last year after a takeover attempt he had backed was not accepted.

Questions were fired only towards global popstar Tomlinson in a time-restricted press conference, all the while beside him his new business partner wore a smile from ear to ear.

The man who controversially stepped down as chairman after 15 years in November is back - and even he cannot quite believe it.

“I did say never say never about a return,” Ryan told the Star afterwards.

“I thought at some stage I might be back but not this quick.

“I’m delighted and terribly excited.

“To bring someone like Louis on board is in a strange way like signing a top player.

“He can bring so much to the club in enthusiasm and endeavour.”

Ryan confirmed he and Tomlinson have bought the shares of Terry Bramall, Dick Watson, David Blunt and Watson’s two children Andrew Watson and Sarah Kell - giving them around an 85 per cent stake in the club.

He would not however reveal how much it had cost the pair to take control of their hometown club, only saying it was a ‘multi-million pound deal.’

Loans owed to former major shareholders Bramall and Watson have been cleared according to Ryan, who also revealed he and Tomlinson will be 50-50 partners and co-chairman once the deal is fully finalised next month.

Ryan is delighted to be working with the man 42 years his junior and hopes Tomlinson will be the man to finally make Rovers fashionable.

“We’ve always been fairly unfashionable as a club - apart from in my eyes of course,” Ryan said with a wry grin.

“But with Louis on board, we’ll become a lot more fashionable.

“Cool is the word, I think we’re becoming that.

“Cool Doncaster Rovers.”