Doncaster Rovers: My position became untenable - Ryan

John Ryan is consoled by an emotional fan after resigning as chairman.
John Ryan is consoled by an emotional fan after resigning as chairman.

John Ryan accused fellow board members of “going behind his back” after ending his 15-year tenure at Doncaster Rovers in dramatic fashion.

Ryan announced his resignation minutes before kick off at Barnsley, before ditching the directors’ box for the away end in the second half.

And he did not hold back when he spoke to the media after the 0-0 stalemate.

Ryan claimed his position as chairman had become untenable after Rovers officials allegedly went behind his back during the latest talks with Sequentia Capital, the Irish-led consortium interested in buying the club.

He also admitted to growing increasingly frustrated with the direction that the club was taking off the field.

“I’ve been considering this for several weeks,” said Ryan.

“The club has not been going in the way that I felt was the right way for the club.

“This is a sad day for me but I feel a football club is either going forward or backwards.

“I really wanted to have a go at reaching the upper echelons of the Championship, maybe even the Premier League.

“I managed to get the guy I bought the club off 15 years ago to buy the club and invest tens of millions in it, but the other shareholders didn’t think it was the right thing to do.

“That’s their prerogative but I was very disappointed that, having signed heads of terms in June, that it didn’t go ahead.

“The main sticking point was that the money wasn’t being paid up front.

“I actually went back and got that sorted out, and I thought we had a good chance of getting a deal done.

“I then find that some of my compadres went behind my back, direct to the person, and were trying to negotiate for themselves.

“When these sorts of things happen you feel very annoyed.

“What they [Rovers] do now is up to them,” he added.

“I’m nothing more than a supporter. I’ve had a great 15 years.”