Doncaster Rovers: Marquis ‘exactly what we needed’ - Ferguson

John Marquis
John Marquis

John Marquis is ‘exactly what Doncaster Rovers needed’, according to boss Darren Ferguson.

And not just for his goals and unrelenting work ethic.

The charismatic 24-year-old striker scored his tenth of the season in the win over Hartlepool United at the weekend.

“John’s been outstanding. He’s been a real catalyst for what we’ve wanted to do,” Ferguson said of his summer signing.

“He takes a lot of responsibility on himself.

“I think that’s because he’s grown up in the environment where he’s had to do that - being a Millwall player.

“You need to do a real shift at that club or you’re going to get real grief. That’s the mentality there.

“That was one thing that stuck in my head. We knew we’d get a hard-working lad.

“And ten goals in 17 games is excellent. We’ve got to make sure he maintains it if he can.”

Marquis has also earned himself a reputation as a dressing room joker since arriving on a two-year deal in June.

Ferguson said: “He’s lively all right. He’s a bit of a joker.

“Forget about the goals, which are important, and the way he plays - he’s exactly what we needed as a team in terms of what he’s like around the dressing room.”