DONCASTER ROVERS: Fans have the right to stand, says Baldwin

DONCASTER Rovers are among 13 English league clubs to support the reintroduction of standing at football grounds, it was revealed this week.

The Football Supporters’ Federation wants to pilot ‘safe-standing’ areas, incorporating the latest safety barrier technology currently used on the continent.

The idea has been backed by Aston Villa, the Scottish Premier League and 12 Football League clubs, including Rovers, Hull City and Crystal Palace, say the FSF.

However, it has met with opposition from the Premier League and the chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

All-seater stadiums were made compulsory in the Premier League in 1994 following Lord Justice Taylor’s report after the Hillsborough disaster.

Rovers chief executive Gavin Baldwin (pictured) said: “At Doncaster Rovers we feel fans should have the opportunity to support the team as they wish, particularly on a match day.

“Fans are paying customers and if they feel they can enjoy the game better by standing rather than sitting and this facility can be provided in a safe and controlled environment, ensuring numbers do not get overcrowded, then this should be investigated.

“Often fans at all-seater grounds stand anyway, particularly at tense or exciting moments, but in many grounds this is done with no railings to provide support.

“Therefore a safe standing environment could be an improvement on the current system.”