BUCKY’S BLOG: Youth could provide positive end to Rovers’ season

Harry Middleton
Harry Middleton

The win at Leyton Orient is typical of Rovers.

Is there a team in the league with a contrasting home and away record like ours? It’s a great result but it just makes the previous few scores a real pity.

Rob Jones coming back to score is unbelievable. His contract situation will be an interesting one in the summer. He’s been more focused on the coaching side but it was great to see him back on the pitch.

With Andy Butler and Jones at the back you know you’ll be winning headers and be first to every ball.

It was fantastic to see Harry Middleton come in to start as well. We might as well just use this period at the end of the season to try and uncover ourselves a gem of a player.

This is a good time to give a few of the young lads a bit of a taste of it. It will do wonders for their development and the crowd are sure to get right behind them.

I’m looking forward to the game against Fleetwood now, and I hope we go with the same line-up as in midweek.

Will we change it? Fleetwood have had a couple of bad results, and if the young ones have done a good job, let’s try them and end the season on a bit of a run.

I’d like to see us play Middleton from the start again and have the option of Liam Mandeville on the bench. Maybe we could introduce one of the McKay twins too. What is there to lose?

The first half against Rochdale was good I’d say, but not outstanding.

In the second half it was again the visitors who looked like they might be able to nick it.

I think we saw a slight example of what can happen when a season begins to peter out for a team. In the second half we didn’t create much at all.

Preparation for next season has probably started and, for me, we need to sign a goal-poacher type of striker. And for that, perhaps we’ll need to sign a creative midfielder too.

Whether or not those players can come from the youth system, who knows?

I think that the crowd love a local kid to come through the system, and I think they’re more forgiving of mistakes for the first couple of years in that instance.

Lots of players are out of contract this summer and, to be honest, I’m not sure who will stay and who will go. Let’s wait and see. Hopefully we’ll get it right.