Bucky’s Blog: Richie’s Rovers reunion must be extended

Former Rovers winger John Buckley
Former Rovers winger John Buckley

It might not stop him having a little moan on the pitch, but the sooner Rovers get Richie Wellens tied down until the end of the season the better.

Richie’s a very interesting character to watch. He does seem to complain a lot - but that’s only because he cares so much.

He always wants the ball, he wants to make things happen and he gets really upset when people around him give it away cheaply.

He’s a very intelligent player and he would be brilliant to play with.

If you asked the players at Doncaster who they thought was the best player at the club, I bet the majority of them would say Richie.

He gives you the ball at the right time, he shifts it quickly and does the simple things very well.

And if you don’t do the right things he’s right on your case. You need people like that in the team.

Somebody I was talking to recently said he doesn’t get into the box enough - but he can’t do it all!

There’s very few midfielders out there who are able to dictate the play and still get in the box on the end of things. Richie’s game is more about linking the play up.

I’m a big fan of his, and I firmly believe if you were to put him in a Premier League side he wouldn’t look out of place.

If Richie stays that would play a big part in us staying up.

It’d be an enormous boost to get him on a contract for the rest of the season; hopefully the takeover situation won’t affect his future at the club.

It was worrying to see him come off at half time on Tuesday night but also equally good to see Martin Woods back in the fold.

I’ve got a lot of time for Martin - he’s been through a lot - and it would have meant so much to him to get back on the field after such a long time out.

It has been a brilliant week for Rovers, and I’m really pleased for the lads that they’ve turned a bit of a corner.

Although, somewhat strangely you might think, I reckon they could be in for their toughest test of the week at Bolton. It’s a difficult place to go, but at least Rovers are going there with their tails up.

That’s thanks, in the main, to David Cotterill.

His wonderstrike at St Andrews was a throwback to last season when he was hitting one of them in every month. He’s got that in his locker.

I understand David is always one of the last players off the training ground too.

He’s not had an easy ride this season but his goal was proof that you get what you deserve in this game. If you work hard, you’ll get results.