Bucky’s blog: Errors show need for defensive additions

Paul Keegan could help steady the ship, says Bucky
Paul Keegan could help steady the ship, says Bucky

I think after the last two games it’s time to say Rovers need reinforcements at the back.

Fergie will know he needs to prioritise that. Even Andy Butler seems off the pace at the minute.

I keep thinking that we’ve got better players than what we’re showing, but if they’re not showing it, then maybe that’s just not the case?

Turning things around for a team who are down there doesn’t happen overnight. I think new players are needed but do we have the budget to go and do that? We need a right back and a centre back.

Whenever Rovers get a win - like last week at Shrewsbury - you can’t help but think they might be about to go on a little run. But then it just doesn’t happen.

Fergie doesn’t seem to be playing with much width at the minute, so we need to focus on a method of playing which will see us getting the ball in the box more.

People have mentioned to me that they’re not impressed with James Coppinger’s form, but he’s a ball player. What is he supposed to do when his team isn’t getting him on the ball in the right areas?

I know the manager will be looking at different systems.

I wonder about Paul Keegan, who was so important to Rovers before he was unlucky with injuries last season.

Is he the new manager’s type of player? I feel like Rovers need someone at the moment who is prepared to do the messy stuff.

It’s time for these players to dig in and cut out the individual errors because losing becomes a habit. You have to look forward to games, but that is hard when you know people are going to be on your back.

The only way to turn things around is with results. It’d be a nightmare if we do end up in a dogfight down at the wrong end of the table.

It could be Darren Ferguson or it could be Sir Alex in charge, it doesn’t matter, individual errors will cost you. We’re seeing it at the minute with Jose Mourinho.

But the manager has to get into players’ heads now and turn them around.

It sounds simple but we need to get in front and stay in front and grind out a result on Saturday. Let’s get behind the players and spur them on,

Prediction: Rovers 3 Colchester 1