Bucky’s Blog: Contrast with 2012/13 title winners is very apparent

Paul Dickov would like nothing more than a couple of scrappy wins, says John Buckley.
Paul Dickov would like nothing more than a couple of scrappy wins, says John Buckley.

Paul Dickov must be absolutely pulling his hair out.

This Doncaster team has the talent to beat anyone in League One on their day.

But cracking the code for consistency is proving to be no easy feat.

One thing that’s really noticeable to me is the contrast between this season so far, and the last season that Rovers were in this division.

When we won League One in 2012/13 we had a habit of winning games without playing well.

We’d grind out wins, score last minute winners, and take points off teams without playing particularly well.

But I think it’s fair to say that has not really been the case this time around.

When Rovers play well they tend to win - like they did against Scunthorpe, Chesterfield, Colchester, Yeovil,

But when they play poorly they invariably end up with nothing. That was the case at Fleetwood again on Saturday.

The game I would go back to is the Chesterfield one. In the first half Doncaster were excellent.

Chesterfield are a good team and when they came on strong after the break Rovers really did dig in for the win.

So it is in them to do that. That’s what makes it even more frustrating for Dickov.

You’re never on top for the whole game. And it’s really important when things are going against you to dig deep and stay nice and tight and compact as a team. That probably hasn’t been happening as much as the manager would like.

When results go against you as a footballer it does affect your confidence. You can shy away from wanting the ball, or choose the easy pass.

That can become contagious in a team and spread, but it’s no excuse for not working hard and making life difficult for the opposition.

Dickov would like nothing more than a few scrappy wins at the moment.

Yes, he wants to get Doncaster playing an attractive brand of football.

But above anything else he’ll want his team to really roll their sleeves up for him. If Rovers can start winning without playing well, that’s a big sign of progress for me.