Bucky’s Blog: Big first win could get wheels in motion

Nathan Tyson
Nathan Tyson

Darren Ferguson’s first game in charge brought an absolutely huge win.

Taking the lead, being pegged back, managing a winner late on and enjoying a little touch of fortune too - but that’s irrelevant, he’ll be delighted.

It was great to see Mitchell Lund given the green light at right back.

And to go two up front as well, with another at the tip of the diamond pushing on, it just keeps their back four occupied and keeps them pressed.

It means it’ll be hard work for those in central midfield, but that’s what their lungs are for!

I still say Ferguson has some of the best players in the division.

If they can do what the new manager is asking them to do then we could be on to something good.

Let’s go to Peterborough and have a good go. If you come up short and get a point say ‘fair enough’, at least it’s something.

We’re facing Ferguson’s former club so soon, and it’s amazing how often that happens, but I don’t think he will change a thing in the line-up, unless an injury makes him.

I’ve heard that he’s been doing a lot of work on shape in training already and is wanting to emphasise positioning and ball understanding. If he’s already pressing that point home the signs are good.

People talk about whether some players can manage two games in a week. It’s irrelevant. Let them play.

Wins inspire confidence and pick you up and keep you going, they’ll all be raring to get back out there.

These three away games are such a difficult start for the new manager but there’s no reason with this team why they can’t compete with anyone in the division.

People laugh at me but I still say if you take 12 or 13 points from these first six games, anything is possible. You’ll fly up the table because nobody in this league is winning every week.

Nathan Tyson is back and that’s not just another positive for me, it’s another huge positive.

He’s so effective. He’s a good player, he can run, he can get stuck in, he’s good in the air, he puts himself about.

He’s just a massive pain to play against.

Predictions: Peterborough United 1 Rovers 1; Millwall 1 Rovers 3.