Analysis: Ryan and Bramall were ‘always on collision course’

John Ryan and Terry Bramall
John Ryan and Terry Bramall

The takeover ticking time bomb has gone off in spectacular fashion this week.

But the only surprising thing is, it took so long.

Ever since ‘Sequentia’ and ‘Capital’ became two of the most-used words in Doncastrian vocabulary, John Ryan and Terry Bramall have seemingly been on a collision course that was unlikely to end harmoniously.

The two men are polar opposites.

And they chose to take different directions at the crossroads that Rovers now find themselves long before last weekend’s dramatic turn of events.

Ryan’s the fan, the dreamer, the perfectionist; his vision is to see his boyhood team do what the likes of Blackpool, Wigan, Hull and Swansea did - live the Premier League dream. The next game is never too far from his mind.

Bramall’s the businessman, the realist, the economist; his priority is to get the club into the black, not the Premiership. The next due balance sheet is more his concern.

When Bramall and Dick Watson resigned from the board in January 2012 it was down, at least in part, to a fundamentally different way of doing business to Ryan.

Ryan’s impulsive nature, and his deep-rooted love for Rovers, meant he had a tendency to push the boat out financially, to go the extra mile for the club he cares so deeply about.

But Bramall and Watson saw things differently. Some of the spending during Sean O’Driscoll’s reign they viewed as reckless. They would only return under one condition - a tight ship would be ran.

When Bramall failed to appear at a press conference earlier this summer, following reports of a potential takeover, the cracks began to visibly appear again.

But, in truth, they’ve never gone away. It’s not that Ryan and Bramall have been at each other’s throats, far from it. They’re just different, very different.

And all that matters now is how they resolve those differences for the good of Doncaster Rovers.

They need to start rowing in the same direction, and quickly. Otherwise that ship will most definitely sink.