Doncaster Knights: ‘Siege mentality’ over injuries has helped admits Griffiths

Chris Hallam should be back for the Knights before the end of the month.
Chris Hallam should be back for the Knights before the end of the month.

In a sadistic sort of way, Clive Griffiths admits the Knights’ injury crisis may have actually helped them so far this season.

With a full side of players out injured at one stage, the Knights have struggled their way to the top of National One heading into the second half of the campaign.

And Griffiths admitted the worries had given his squad a ‘siege mentality’ which they have responded to superbly.

“We’ve had that siege mentality for sure,” Griffiths said.

“It’s been tough.

“We won the first seven games and then bosh, the injuries really stacked up.

“We’d had injuries before that but it seemed to open the floodgates.

“We’ve been able to get the loans in but there’s always the lottery with that.

“We went up to Wharfedale and Leicester and Leeds called their players back so you’re having to shuffle the pack at the last minute.

“We’ve hung in there and ground our way to top spot.

“It’s just disappointing we haven’t been able to have that continuity.

“People will have been looking at us as being the side to be shot at, us being full time and the big boys coming down from the Championship.

“But it’s been far from easy for us with what we’ve had to put up with.

“The squad really banded together and there’s been a determination to keep powering forward through it.”

The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to appear for Griffiths who hopes to have a handful of his injured players back by the end of the month.

Chris Walker, Ross Davies and Chris Hallam all look likely to return from their long-term injury problems.

The Knights travel to Worthing Raiders this weekend and Griffiths is expecting another tough test on the road.

He said: “It’s a very difficult place to go and we’ve seen that sides think they can get in our ribs when we go to them.

“The defeats we’ve suffered seem to have given the opposition a lift, they know it can be done.

“Worthing will definitely feel that and it’s a cauldron of an atmosphere any way.

“It’s going to be tough.”