DONCASTER KNIGHTS: Howells opens up in book

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FORMER Knights boss Lynn Howells has spoken fondly of his time at Castle Park in his new autobiography.

And the proud Welshman revealed he always believed compatriot Brett Davey was the right man to follow in his footsteps when he moved aside in 2011.

Though the vast majority of his book ‘Despite The Knock-backs’ focuses on his time as a coach in Wales, Howells dedicates a few pages to his time in charge of the Knights – who he admits he had never heard of when he was offered the job.

He writes: “I had heard of Doncaster rugby league club, I had heard of Doncaster Racecourse and Doncaster Rovers but Doncaster and rugby union had not been on my list of results to look out for.

“I drove down not knowing what to expect – I didn’t know whether to expect the usual tin shack of a stand with a tiny clubhouse or something more grand.

“I pulled up in the car park and was totally amazed – gobsmacked might be nearer the mark.

“This was a Championship side that I had never heard of, and the facilities just amazed me.

“It looked exciting.”

Howells speaks highly of the people of Doncaster who he describes as incredibly friendly.

He discusses the challenges of running a side in the Championship, budget restrictions and chasing promotion.

Howells also revealed it was his wish for Davey to succeed him when he brought him to the club.

He said: “I left a good man in charge.

“I had brought Brett Davey from Cornish Pirates to be my number two with a view to him becoming the new director of rugby.

“Brett had played for me at Pontypridd, he should have been capped by Wales and I knew he would be ideal for Doncaster when I finished.

“He has learnt his trade and I doubt much of me will have remained in Doncaster because Brett is his own man and sometimes thinks way outside the square.”

Howell’s book is available now, priced £9.95.