Brilliant martial arts results

LYNX Black Belt Leadership Academy students received brilliant grading results when they attended their graduation event at the new Doncaster town centre premises.

Master Andrew Blinston conducted the graduation with his team of black belt instructors.

Students, some of which are from the Gazette area, were asked to perform the martial arts disciplines along with the martial arts techniques and the required syallbus they had studied.

All students follow a Leadership Life Skill Curriculum which is incorporated into their martial arts training. The program is able to make students feel better about themselves, enhance their level of focus and concentration, increase their achievement, improve their overall health and skyrocket their personal success either at school or in work.


Orange Stripe - Kira Nichol, Timothy Robinson, Jackie O'Brien, Codie O'Brien, Evey Farrington, Jayne Lowndes, Daniel Renton, Aliesha Cole, Joshua Ford, Isaac Robinson.

Purple Stripe - Magdalena Galdyn, Peter Beardshaw.

Yellow Stripe - Gull-Britt Whalund, Kieron Pyne Rolander, Judith Bawden, Malik Hai, Aimee Carmody, Joe Carmody, Anilcan Polat.

Yellow Belt - Wayne Swallow.

Green Stripe - Caitlin Farrow, David Farrow, Tracy King.

Green Belt - John O'Brien, Callum O'Brien, Liam O'Brien.

Blue Belt - Terry Lisle, Mouhammed Ramadhan, Rhio Blinston.

Red Belt - Kieran Wilson, Ian Wilson.

Red Belt/Black Stripe - Shaho Bahir, Lisa Cheeseman, Alastair Glenny, Paige MacDonald, Cylix Ofori Dartey.