Youth issues in Epworth

ANTISOCIAL behaviour around St Andrews Church and the nearby Ivy Hall areas of Epworth are being monitored by Humberside Police.

There have also been reports of criminal damage and littering at the locations which attract youths during evenings and weekends.

Neighbourhood officers regularly patrol both areas and any youths found on these private premises will be dealt with accordingly.

Names of youths have been obtained and letters sent to parents to inform them of their children’s whereabouts and activities, discouraging any repeat behaviour.

Police are also working with partnership agencies to divert youngsters away from the area, encouraging young people to seek alternative recreational activities.

Children are urged not to congregate in large numbers and Epworth Youth Club has been suggested as a possible venue for young people to visit.

Members of the club are not, however, allowed to come and go as they please and anyone behaving in this way will be returned to the venue and their family will be informed.