Your vital Gazette numbers

YOUR free Thorne Gazette brings you all your local news, sport and adverts.

We’ll be continuing to bring you your favourite read but the paper’s Thorne office, which has been open on a part-time basis recently, is closing.

The way we produce your paper is changing for business reasons, but you won’t notice any difference. All your favourite correspondents will still be featured, along with news and pictures from Thorne and surrounding villages.

To contact the news team, use the contact details that have been in place for some time : ring (01302) 347264, email or fax (01302) 348521. To place an advert, call the usual number (01405) 746070.

Your Gazette will continue to be delivered as usual, or you can pick up a copy at Leggotts News, 68, King Street, Thorne.