‘We are all aware of the power of advertising!’

HAVING just read, yet another rather annoying piece from Carol Mellers, I would like to respond, as a local business owner, to enlighten her on a few facts that she clearly seems to me missing.

Firstly, her idea that a few leaflets in the Old Rectory will suddenly bring Epworth’s footfall up to that of Meadowhall is clearly very misguided.

She appears to be under the impression that local businesses are not aware of the powers of advertising, that we don’t already spend hundreds of pounds every year advertising our product and trying to bring people into Epworth.

Our current advertising campaign stretches from Epworth and local villages, out to the far side of Sheffield, throughout Doncaster, Retford, Bawtry, Tickhill, Gainsborough, Goole and Scunthorpe.

We are not lacking in knowledge of how to advertise our business, we have no problem attracting customers from far and wide, the problems start when they get here and THEY CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE TO PARK!

Over recent weeks we’ve read ridiculous ideas of bus runs, car sharing etc, etc. These ideas have clearly been put to paper without any thought to cost, control or management.

What Epworth needs right now is to make the most of the car parking spaces that we already have.

The parking bays along the roadside need marking into individual bays to ensure that the maximum number of spaces can be utilised at all times.

Far too often people throw their cars randomly into these bays and we end up with three cars badly parked, where there should be room for six correctly parked cars.

The one hour parking restriction needs lifting and making to at least two hours. It is of no benefit to the town to have a one hour parking restriction.

Not a day goes by without someone coming into our shop complaining that they can’t find anywhere to park, that the one hour restriction is ridiculous and doesn’t give people time to do everything they want to do and how damaging it is to the town.

These small solutions far from solve the parking problem, but they are common sense things that would make an immediate difference whilst the bigger problem of creating more spaces goes on.

Alison Taylor

The Lingerie Boutique

High Street