Opposition to Haxey Co-op store development

I AM writing to encourage readers to register their objections to the proposed Co-op store in Haxey via North Lincolnshire Council’s website (www.northlincs.gov.uk)

Visit the Environment and Planning section, then click on the “Submit Comment” button at the bottom of the page which appears after entering the planning application number, which is PA/2011/1142. Objections must be submitted by 19 October at the latest.

My own reasons for opposing the development are:

1. The proposed store would change the character of Haxey and push us towards becoming a town, when most people live here because they enjoy living in a village.

2. The proposed 248 sq metres of additional convenience store retail space is not sustainable in the village. Both of the existing village stores will inevitably suffer and may have to close. We then have less competition and, whilst prices at the new store may start low, they will not stay low. There will be no new jobs. The present stores employ more people than the Co-op proposes. This is partly because we currently have a newspaper delivery service in the village, something not offered by the Co-Op.

3. Traffic volume is already a severe problem in the village, with cars parked pretty well nose to tail from the Church to beyond the Post Office for most hours of the working day. The additional 7 HGVs rumbling through the heart of the village to the Co-op daily must increase congestion, particularly with constrained manoeuvering space, as must the additional shoppers who drive from outside the village. The High Street/Vinehall Road junction would become a dangerous spot.

4. The noise made by the large delivery vehicles, additional shoppers’ vehicles and the shop’s own plant and equipment would be a real burden to people on the delivery route and in the immediate area - Low Street, High Street, Vinehall Road, Green Hill, Church Street and possibly The Nooking depending on delivery route.

5. The store would also be a source of very unwelcome light pollution in what, after the working day, is a generally quiet area. The car park, loading bay, fire escapes and shop entrance would all be lit, as would visiting cars.

Please note that my only interest in the existing village stores is as a customer, and, whilst I live in Haxey, I do not live in an area immediately affected by the proposed development.

I am also not a lone voice. At a public meeting held in the village on Tuesday October 11, called and chaired by Haxey Parish Council, and also attended by representatives of the Co-op and by around 80 members of the public, only 10 or so people raised their hands to show support for the proposal.

Peter Lindley

Upperthorpe Road