Opinion: Protest at a price

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Thankfully, Saturday’s EDL march and counter protest went off largely without incident.

But once again, the far right - and their opponents, Unite Against Facism - have cost the South Yorkshire taxpayer dear.

Three hundred police officers were on the streets of Hexthorpe in Doncaster on Saturday. The bill for their peace-keeping presence will run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

These figures will annoy readers - many of whom contact The Star regularly - who say they get an unsatisfactory response when they call police for matters such as anti social behaviour and sometimes when they ring about more serious crime.

The police are under pressure to deliver a service, particularly with the scale of budget cuts they are facing. The cash and resources spent on Saturday could have been used to much better effect.

But that’s the price we pay for democracy. We all have a right to protest.

The people of Hexthorpe - who have concerns about behaviour in their area - did not want Saturday’s circus on their doorstep. They are trying to work to resolve issues peacefully. Their example shpould be applauded.