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Bring in a register for landlords to end the shameful housing issue

How interesting to read that the council are going to run a test case in Hexthorpe regarding anti-social behaviour and the private landlords.
Would it not be better to set up a mandatory landlords register to cover the whole of Doncaster as this would both save money and time. Why? Because the decent landlords would have no qualms signing up; it would only be the dodgy ones that would complain. It could also be that the ones who don’t register would not be able to lease their properties.
Those who think this is wrong, take a trip around the area; some landlords are charging £350-plus per month for what? Terraced two to three bedroomed properties that are in a bad state of repair and some of which need thousands spent on them just to make them habitable, but they know that customers are queuing up for something that puts a roof over their heads and mostly it is people who are on benefits.
Some of the properties around here are not fit to be used as kennels and it seems to be the same few landlords that are the problem.
With Doncaster now having rid themselves of the once proud Neighbourhood Services Directorate, the tenants of these rented homes don’t know who or where to turn to.
Then it becomes obvious to anyone with a brain that things will keep spiralling out of control.
Could it be possible for the the Mayor to furnish people with the correct numbers of private housing officers, trading standards officers, local community officers and PCSOs employed by the council?
These roles may have been eroded the same way as other council services have. Prove me wrong.

Mrs B Housley

St Catherine’s Avenue, Balby

A letter to Dr Tupper

Last year, after writing to all and sundry, including the DFP, in an attempt to get health professionals in Doncaster to emulate the “care for terminally ill people in their own homes” initiative running in Sheffield (keeping NHS beds free for those needing life saving treatment), you invited me to a group meeting which you chaired.
At this meeting I was duly patted and burped, told that the matter was in hand, that improvements were under way and that I would be kept informed. 
Since then I have heard nothing of any consequence.
I am however much encouraged to read that Simon Stevens, the new head of the NHS, has said that hospitals “should be able to serve their local communities without everything having to be centralised”, and that “spiralling numbers of elderly patients are ending up in hospital unnecessarily because they had not been given care which could have kept them at home”.
Can I hope that you will be bringing this sort of fresh thinking to Doncaster?

John Andrews

Thorne Road, Doncaster

There’s no consistency

I read in earnest the letter from Dr. Krishima Kasaranemi (Freeviews, May 22), all his partners leaving for a better life in Australia.
It certainly makes one wonder that many, many years ago, British criminals were deported there. Didn’t they do well?
But it is a country now also having its problems here and there too. The grass is not always greener.
The huge problem with the NHS is that there are too many faceless wonders on high paid salaries doing non-productive jobs. They know who they are I’m sure, but can you blame them?
They will keep their head down and walk around with files until someone wakes up and does something about it.
The doctors who are in the ‘over-run’ surgeries I feel are responsible for their own problem.
There is no continuity in any of the surgeries or any NHS consultancies. Patients see a different doctor each time. They give conflicting treatments due to different opinions.
There is no recognition of better or worse in the patient and so it goes on and on.
I have always had the feeling that doctors are shareholders with the Pharmaceutical companies, dishing out all types of tablets to patients.
Doctors must realise that patients feel just as downtrodden as they do because they want to get better and nothing improves in most cases.
Patients feel doctors are not really that interested in them and the term known as the ‘family’ doctor is now extinct.
It’s not helped by the fact one has to get past the receptionist who wants to know why you need to see a doctor then tells you to ring each day to try for an appointment. Keep taking the tablets!
Dr K. K. keep your chin up. Be the first to improve things here.

Mrs K Betts

Station Road, Arksey

Care home closures - Consider the staff too

Whilst our Care Gate action group stand in town collecting signatures, we listen to all the stories that a lot of people have to tell.
As we listen and sympathise and take on board what they are telling us, how wrong they feel the proposed closures are, my thoughts turn not to our loved ones who we are fighting for but for the wonderful staff who do all the hard work.
They are the back bone of this wonderful service that Doncaster Council provide.
We have spoken to workers, of course we have, but sadly they cannot speak about it as they are not allowed to. Many of them have worked in care for years.
One lady who I spoke to actually broke down in tears in fear of losing her much loved job of 33 years.
This is not just a job for them; I feel it is a vocation as it takes someone special to care for the elderly and vulnerable.
This is reflected in the length of time that most of them have worked in the care homes.
Please let’s spare a thought for these wonderful women and men who work so hard.

Michelle Bailey

Care Gate Action Group

Care home closures - It’s us who will suffer

On Wednesday, June 25, the Cabinet will consider all the information that is available before deciding whether to keep open or close the seven homes.
As of last Friday, there are 24,000 Doncaster people who have signed a petition to keep the homes open; I believe that the Cabinet will go ahead and close the homes.
The Care Gate Group who organised the petition will be attending the Cabinet to present their case.
Given the massive number of signatures on the petition, I trust that thousands of people (not hundreds) will assemble outside the CIvic Centre (from 9.15am) in silent or otherwise protest against the closures.
It does not matter whose fault it is; whether it is the Coalition government or the Labour Mayor’s, it is the people of Doncaster who suffer.

Doug Wright

Chantry Close, Cantley

Focus on good work

On page 30 of last week’s Free Press, you reported the good news that Sir George Gilbert Scott’s magnificent reredos at Doncaster Minster is to be restored by conservators whose website reveals them to be of world class standard.

But, has it occurred to you to consider whose is the initiative, skill and hard work that has led to over half a million pounds being raised for this and other restoration work on one of Doncaster’s architectural treasures? - It turns out to be the very same Revd Canon Paul Shackerley, whose imminent departure you report on page three; but this report you mar by attempting to revive a story from two years ago.

Which is more important, the valuable commitment Dr Shackerley has made to the restoration of this Doncaster landmark or a comment he made in 2012 on Facebook? - The Facebook story was already ‘scraping the barrel’ when you first ran it; to re-run it now shows poor taste and paucity of imagination. Doncaster deserves better from its newspaper.

David J Goss.

Wheatley Hills

Not exactly Park & Ride

I recently used the Southern Park and Ride and after parking my car in the designated bay, caught the 55 bus back to where I left my car in the park and ride.
Imagine my surprise when the bus stopped at the bus stop outside the park and ride to let a gentleman with heavy bags get off, then to see the bus sail past the entrance to the park and ride!

So you leave your car in one place to catch the bus then on return you have to get off at the previous stop and walk to where your car is.

Is this a ploy to drive customers away with a view to closing it?

Needless to say I will not be using it again and will add to the congestion and pollution by driving into town.

Thanks First buses and SYPTE, I await a response.

P. Bond


Take a look at the facts

Re: Letter from Andy Hollinghurst (June 5) - if he is interested at all in politics he should know the UK are net contributors to the EU, indeed the second largest to Germany.

So in fact the EU gives absolutely nothing to our country; it is merely giving back a small proportion of the £55 million we contribute each and every day.

They then have the temerity to restrict what we can spend our own money on and then has the cheek to put its own flag on the project. How democratic.

As for immigration it would be nice if we could choose who comes in rather than have an open door policy to all EU citizens, which is simply not sustainable both economically and culturally.

As for ‘Donny’s not for Kipping’, the facts are that out of total votes cast of 68,428, UKIP polled 32.29 per cent which is only 4456 less than Labour, which is why they won one seat and came second in the others apart from Mexborough. Some Kipping!

J and M Riggott


People have feelings

In a recent letter (The bigger picture) Andy Hollinghurst was quite breath taking in his assertions.

He manages to accuse a vast number of Doncaster residents of being thoughtless and guilty of blaming others. Why should this be so? Because they voted UKIP. He is accusing roughly 35 per cent of those who voted.

He then rolls out the old ‘nasty British Empire’ line (our “democratic” grandparents you hold so dear Mr Hollinghurst, fought for that empire!) and goes on to accuse UKIP voters of picking upon Travellers, Jews, Gays, Islam and Eastern Europeans. Good grief, he then throws in the mentally ill as well!

You only have to look at “statistics” that support his case but with no reference to them – perhaps he would share?.Look out; Thatcher then gets thrown in for good measure as well.

Mr Hollinghurst, you may not know this but people have feelings.

If you had stood in the Market Place for the hours many of the UKIP team have, you would have met many good Doncaster folk who are genuinely very worried about what is happening regarding mass immigration and Doncaster.

You cannot rubbish people’s feelings Mr Hollinghurst - for them they are very real, but no one has wanted to listen to them or similar folk across the nation.

If they tried to voice their fears they were called “racist” and belittled.

Now the political elites of the Labour and Tory parties realise that the genie is out of the bag.

They are desperate to tell us they are listening; until that is, they get our vote in 2015 and it will be back to business as usual.

UKIP reflects the people’s fears, it is not generating them Mr Hollinghurst.

Those fears stem from years of poor leadership and years of party before people. 35 per cent of the voters in Doncaster have awoken to what has been done to them.

Guy Aston

Victorian Crescent


A very big thank you

On Friday, May 30, the Doncaster Fundraising Group for Marie Curie held a Blooming Great Tea Party in Bawtry.

We would like to pass on our thanks to the following people:

Firstly to the Phoenix Theatre who kindly allowed us to hold the party in the theatre; to the shops who had the posters up and to Bawtry Bon Bons and Zuvu for donating prizes; to all the volunteers who baked and served on the tombola, raffle and cake stalls; to the two ladies who kept the clean cups coming and our waitress who kept cups topped up; a big thank you.

But most of all, thanks to the general public who found the time to come and see us and take part by spending their money. You turned out to support us and without you we could not have done it.

You raised a massive £804.32. A big thank you to all.

This money will go to help someone spend their last hours at home with their family around them and monies raised stays in South Yorkshire.

Also thanks to the Bawtry Art Group. We had a mini tea party and a few raised a great amount of £31.40.

So, on behalf of Doncaster Fundraising Group, a great big thank you to you all because without you we could not have done it.

Jackie Endley

On behalf of Doncaster

Fundraising Group

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