LETTER: Hypocrisy on refugee crisis

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In a week that saw harrowing pictures of so called refugees trying to reach Europe, the story of 25 life prolonging cancer drugs being withdrawn due to cost is over-looked, the story of an ex-serviceman being told he is unlikely to be housed by Tower Hamlets, his Labour controlled council, gets a small mention.

There are no human rights lawyers beating a path to the doors of these people, over looked in our society because they happen to be British.

We have an already over stretched NHS, education system, social care system and housing system thanks to the Blair governments open door policy, we have a system put in place by Labour where-by the terminally ill, vulnerable and the elderly have to prove a quality adjusted life year to qualify for life prolonging drugs (right) and treatment that will be free to thousands who have not paid a single penny into the system, yet pose a risk of bringing other diseases into our country.

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Anger over Doncaster council’s care home transfer

Ros Jones signed off to close the care homes in Doncaster, they didn’t have the money to upgrade the buildings nor continue to pay the dedicated staff after years of little or no investment from successive Labour run councils, over a year of anxiety caused to residents, families and staff alike without so much as a consultation. She thought she could ride rough-shod over our elderly, how wrong she was, she was forced into reviewing that decision by CareGate, who ran a well organised, dogged campaign and saw the council run homes stay open in the hands of a private company.

This is a council who refused to invest in our elderly, some of whom are World War 2 veterans, yet will use tax payers money to invest in foreigners.

The hypocrisy doesn’t sit well with me and I ask myself why and the answer is simple, they’re being paid by central government. Compassion from Labour comes at a price and as always it’s the British tax payer that foots the bill.

If we can make available funds,for these people, then we can make funds available for our own people, with investment in care homes, life prolonging treatments, social care for our disabled, social housing and everything else 13 years of Labour government failed to do, especially an escape from the Blair poverty trap of the national minimum wage. Give our own people hope first, and when we are wealthy enough to do it give aid to those in proportion to our wealth.

Anne Rutherford

Norwood Road, Dunscroft

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