Call made for safer cycling

However recent experience in cycling on the roads around the Isle of Axholme make me believe that this campaign should be extended to rural areas too where ‘taking to the road’ on one’s bike can be equally dangerous.

I have noticed particularly that motorists are extremely impatient when behind a cyclist and do not wait for a safe place to overtake, expecting cyclists to get out of their way.

A recent incident on Graizelound Fields Road between Haxey and Graizelound has encouraged me to write to your paper highlighting this fact.

I was cycling towards Graizelound during daylight hours. The road is mainly single track and therefore it is difficult to overtake safely.

A car came up behind and then past me missing my handle bars with about 3 inches to spare.

Fortunately I managed to stay on my bike and carry on where further down the road I spoke to the driver of the car.

The response was that her car was very wide and therefore it was difficult for her to judge whether she was going to knock down a cyclist or not.

I was totally flabbergasted by this remark expecting at the very least an apology.

When I responded that drivers need to give sufficient room to cyclists on the road she responded that it would have been helpful if I had slowed down!

Motorists certainly need to change their attitude towards cyclists who have as much right to be on the road as they have.

Perhaps the Epworth Bells should start its own campaign for ‘Safer cycling in the Isle’.

I would certainly support that.

Alyson Linnegar

Main Street


* See also page 3.

Turbary Road

RE: “No justification for spend” by Richard Hall, February 23.

Mr Hall was not a member of the town council at the time that Epworth Town Council, under the chairmanship of Gary Johnson, sought a long-term solution to Epworth Turbary Road.

As a result of a number of meetings concerning the future of Epworth Turbary Road the town council voted, democratically, by 14 votes to 2, to set aside a sum of money towards the cost of laying a tarmac surface on top of the existing hardcore base.

May I point out that this sum of money is still held in reserve in town council funds and this means that as and when the town need to draw upon funds for the long-term improvement of Turbary Road the bulk of the money will come from existing funds and NOT 50% or so from this years precept of £54,000.

It would appear that Coun Hall’s explanation was inaccurate and misleading.

Understandably, the members on the town council at that time wanted to be certain that they were (a) indeed the legal owners of Epworth Turbary Road and (b) that did they in fact have the power to carry out such work.

The town council engaged the services of an experienced and independent barrister to look at all the evidence appertaining to Epworth Turbary Road.

The barrister confirmed the town council’s ownership and that it, under Section 42 of the 1980’s Highways Act, has the power to bring the road up to a standard one could reasonably expect in the 21st century.

It is now five years since anything has been done to Epworth Turbary Road; the potholes have doubled in number, doubled in diameter and increased in depth.

There are trades people who are very reluctant to make deliveries to properties on Epworth Turbary because of the state of the road. You only have to see the North Lincolnshire Council lorry that collects the tins and bottles from Epworth Turbary on alternate Wednesdays to appreciate what we the residents have to contend with every time we leave or return to our properties.

Some 50 or so years ago Epworth Parish Council, having gained consent from the Government, sold off the 16 houses and plots of land to the sitting tenants, for the accepted value, of each property, at the time.

According to the parish records that money was invested in “Government Bonds” and in providing a bus shelter in Epworth, clearly little or no benefit to those living on Epworth Turbary.

Those properties occupied on Epworth Turbary pay their appropriate Council Tax to NLC and it is from that pot of money that Epworth Town Council draws its precept.

It has long been felt, by the Turbary residents that we see little or no return for our Council Tax other than the normal services provided by NLC and oh yes, five street lights!

Our Member of Parliament, Andrew Percy is on record as saying: “Road and pavement repairs are basic services.

“It is an issue on which people rightly expect to see some return from their Council Tax on.

“We will continue to pressure on the council to act to mend our crumbling roads and pavements.”

Thankfully the majority of the members of Epworth Town Council are still backing the scheme to provide a long term solution to the deplorable state of Turbary Road.

Graham Wager


Epworth Turbary.

It’s disgraceful

I WAS appalled to see on the front page of the Bells the parking problem in Epworth is to be resolved, but at what cost?

Yes I agree Epworth parking is very poor, but to knock down residential buildings to build a car park is disgraceful.

There are homeless people and people living in grotty bedsits, yet Epworth’s main priority is parking and to demolish buildings to do this is a disgrace.

Do we really need better parking in Epworth, we have managed with parking upto now and am sure we can continue to manage with the problem of parking in the future.

If Tesco gets their way and build in the town the extra parking will be a waste and parking will not cause any further issues.

Liz Robinson

Via email.