Attitudes towards snowfall

Patsy Palmer & Annabel Karmel with Mums for a charity coffee morning
Patsy Palmer & Annabel Karmel with Mums for a charity coffee morning

WHILST in Epworth town centre on Sunday morning, February 5, I witnessed contrasting attitudes towards the heavy overnight snowfalls.

We had workmen who I assume were employed by NLC clearing and gritting the footpaths, most of which were completely cleared when I was in town at 11.30am.

This was a sterling effort and the council is to be congratulated.

Conversely I also witnessed the very reckless attitude shown by the riders of three quad bikes.

These youths were treating the town centre like an off road experience, continually riding around the High Street, Market Place and Church Street, deliberately sliding their machines first one way and then the other.

This was causing showers of snow to be scattered over the footpaths, where people were walking.

By their actions they were certainly guilty of inconsiderate driving and had they lost control and hit a pedestrian the consequences could have been far worse.

If any of these youths or their parents read this letter then I sincerely hope they will stop and think before they decide to use a public highway for this purpose again.

Name and address supplied.

Change of wind direction

WITH the announcement of the indictment of Mr Huhne and co for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice, which is a penal offence, it will be extremely interesting to study the promised ‘robust defence’ by the defendants.

What will be the explanation for being in two places at the same time?

Will it be possible to extend the charge to include breaking the law vis-a’-vis the Freedom Of Information Act, by concealing the hidden charge swindle of every English energy consumer.

To this can be added the further lies concerning the cost and flawed productivity of wind farms with fraudulent costs bankrupting British industry and driving the UK into third world status by failure to compete internationally.

Consumers are being driven into poverty by the costs of these ridiculous windmills paying the highest bills in the civilised world, all in the name of saving carbon emissions which in real life cause very small variations to the planet with carbon a major constituent of life.

Meanwhile our major competitors pollute to their hearts content making a fortune at our expense.

Will the demise of Mr Huhne mean the final dissolution of the absurdly daft Dept.of Energy and Climate Change?

These savings to the UK economy of £billions can then be used to fund the private energy shareholders instead of fleecing the UK populace. Being ‘green’ is ‘robbing the poor to feed the rich’.

Bernard Page

West Street

West Butterwick.

Yummy Mummy Week

I AM writing to ask your readers to lend their support to CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, by getting behind Yummy Mummy Week 2012 which runs from Saturday March 10 to Sunday March 18 (Mother’s Day).

The week is all about mums doing something yummy by hosting their own fundraising events and spending quality time with their children, family and friends. All the money raised will help CLIC Sargent continue to provide clinical, practical and emotional support for children and young people with cancer.

Patsy Palmer, who launched Yummy Mummy 2012 by hosting her own tea party for three mothers whose children are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, says: “As a Patron of CLIC Sargent I’ve seen first hand the charity’s wonderful work supporting young cancer patients, and their families, at a very difficult time in their lives. I’m lending my support to Yummy Mummy Week as it’s a great way for mums to get together, do something yummy and have a great time in aid of a great cause!”

There are lots of ways you can support Yummy Mummy Week so why not organise your own fundraiser such as an afternoon tea (accompanied by lots of baked yummy treats!), a pamper night (complete with yummy delights!) or sponsored buggy push in the park?

Last year mums in North Lincolnshire pulled out all the stops as part of Yummy Mummy Week. Fundraising events ranged from pyjama parties at nurseries to coffee mornings helping to raise almost £3,000. That money, could for example, be enough to pay for three specialist breaks for bereaved families, allowing them to spend time together and with other bereaved families. Talking to people who understand, in a sensitive, supportive environment, can provide real comfort.

What could be better than spending some quality time with friends and family while raising money for families affected by childhood cancer at the same time?

If fundraising is not for you then why not support the campaign by purchasing gifts from the fantastic Yummy Mummy product range.Getting involved is easy, just visit or call 08451 206 658 to register for your fundraising pack.

Dee Tyler

Area Fundraising Manager for the North

CLIC Sargent.