Workers seen at 'closed' Doncaster town centre pub

The Pit Club in Cleveland Street.
The Pit Club in Cleveland Street.

Workmen have been seen at a Doncaster town centre pub which closed down a few weeks after opening.

The Pit Club, a mining themed bar, opened its doors in Cleveland Street just before Christmas.

But the venue appear then closed down - less than a fortnight after being unveiled.

The windows at the new bar have been shuttered and doors chained for several weeks. A large concrete block was also placed to block the rear entrance in the courtyard off Cleveland Street.

Fixtures and fittings were removed from the bar which has been in darkness since its closure. The pub's Facebook page was also removed from the web.

However, in recent days, builders and workmen have been spotted working inside the pub. It is not clear what work is taking place.

Earlier this month, Cutting Edge Design Company, a Doncaster firm, which was involved in marketing the bar said on its own Facebook page: "This page no longer has any involvement with The Pit Club, Cleveland Street. We are a design and marketing company that did work for The Pit Club. Sorry for the confusion guys. The Pit Club Town Centre is closed."