Work on new bus lane starts in July

A First bus
A First bus

WORKS on a new £230,000 bus lane in Doncaster will start in July - even though buses do not have to use the expensive and controversial lanes.

The plans were revealed in the South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority’s ‘Quicker, Faster, Smoother’ strategy, which has been submitted to the Department for Transport in a bid for £5 million of bus project funding.

But the 150 metre long Woodfield Way bus corridor will be funded privately by housing developers and will be a key part of the authority’s ‘Doncaster Regeneration Corridor’ when it is completed by May next year.

As part of the new bus lane there will be new signals added to allow drivers access to a designated park and ride area, two new buses and a priority bus lane heading out of Doncaster.

The move comes despite passengers calling the lanes a “waste of money” after the Free Press revealed that bus drivers do not actually have to use the multi-million pound allocated lanes.

Julie Hurley, head of policy and planning for the transport authority, put together the bid, which is hoped will attract a further £7 million in private investment.

Talking about Woodfield Way she said: “Part of our long-term ambition is to deliver a key route from a proposed park and ride site to Doncaster town centre via White Rose Way.

“The benefit of the scheme will be journey time savings for the new bus users and for those who would otherwise drive to the centre and park all day hence reducing distance travelled and emissions.”

The report was put together as part of plans to introduce park and ride schemes, add more bus lanes and give free three-month bus tickets to young people looking for work.

Doncaster mayor Peter Davies has long opposed bus lanes in the borough and says this will do nothing to help the town’s economy.