Whipping up a storm on social media

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We’re still only a week into the new year and already my teeth are grinding.

TV’s favourite posh bossy head girl Kirstie Allsop has waded, quite literally into a storm, following the recent bad weather. Kirstie, known for presenting TV programmes about how to make useless dust-gathering decorations out of bits of old tat, has decided to have a pop at those proletarians who dare to consider claiming compensation from rich power companies after enduring a gruelling Christmas without power.

Veronica Clark

Veronica Clark

Kirstie, who is said to own no less than three homes and who is the daughter of Charles Allsop, 6th Baron Hindlip, believes those who went without heating, light and hot food throughout the festive season should stop whinging and show some ‘blitz spirit’.

Well she obviously wasn’t affected by recent storms which destroyed Christmas for thousands. Instead, she sat in her luxury pad and took to her keyboard to tweet a seasonal goodwill message to her 331,000 followers.

In what she called full “rant mode” Kirstie: “What on Earth has happened to Blitz spirit? Billions of people get by with very limited electricity #SpoiltUK.”

She added: “Storm winds blow, trees come down, electricity goes off, it’s not much fun, need to make contingency plans, why does this mean compensation?”

Now I hate the compensation culture as much as the next person but if you were paying through the nose for an over-inflated electricity supply and it suddenly went off leaving you with no heat or light in the depths of winter wouldn’t you want, no expect, a little recompense?

Some of the cases were heartbreaking; including a couple both in their 90’s abandoned in a freezing house with no means of helping themselves. Thanks to a kind-hearted neighbour they managed to keep warm and survive the following freezing days, but I wonder what Kirstie Antoinette’s advice would have been? Let them eat cake?

Of course, the working classes took to twitter en-masse to shoot her down with one tweeting, “On the bright side, these floods will help give that fabulous distressed look to furniture...” Touché!

All this from a woman who hosts programmes telling us how save pennies making silly handmade cushion covers during the recession - a kind of Blue Peter for adults but with less dazzling results.

Still, if the storms did ever hit one of Kirstie’s palatial homes I’m sure she could get the butler on the hamster wheel generator in the basement before you could say the words melted Viennetta.

By Veronica Clarke

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