What would happen if there was an earthquake?

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Pupils from Heather Garth Primary School used their imagination and the latest technology, when they took part in their topic entry day.

But what on earth are they doing under that tree?

Teacher Rachel Lancaster, explained: “We are doing the International Primary Curriculum and try to make it really exciting and fun for the children.

“For Years 3 and 4, this terms topic is all about earthquakes and volcanoes.

“We turned the classroom into a disaster relief centre and took part in various related activities throughout the day, including building shelters in the forest area and using Ipads to create radio and news broadcast.

They did a radio broadcast because if there was an earthquake we would all be using windup radios to listen for advice”.

The school has been following the international Primary Curriculum which adds an international dimension to National Curriculum subjects.

They will follow the topics over the rest of term and their next project will involve making their own volcanoes - using bicarbonate and vinegar!