Weekend weather round-up: What to expect in Yorkshire as Storm Chris makes its way to the UK

Will the weather in Yorkshire this weekend be bright and sunny or bleak and grey?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 13 July, 2018, 08:00

Here’s the weather forecast for Yorkshire over the next three days.

Storm Chris is threatening to bring a change in weather conditions and a yellow weather warning is currently in place across Yorkshire, set to bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to certain parts of the region.

Will the weather in Yorkshire this weekend be bright and sunny or bleak and grey?

However, warm temperatures are still expected and are currently on the rise again, despite potential rain.


Highs of: 22°C

Lows of: 16°C

Although rain and thunder is expected in certain parts of the region, the temperature still continues to rise

A warmer day than Thursday, with early cloud breaking to reveal some sunny spells, although this is likely to prompt scattered sharp showers to develop inland later. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Saturday July 14

Highs of: 24°C

Lows of: 15°C

Temperatures are expected to rise over the weekend, with a mixture of cloud, sunny intervals and bursts of pure sunshine on Saturday.

The peak temperature of 24°C is expected to be reached at around 16:00 and will then only slowly begin to dip at around 22:00, where the temperature will still be around 19°C.

Sunday July 15

Highs of: 26°C

Lows of: 16°C

The temperature will still continue to rise on Sunday, becoming very warm as the day progresses, reaching its peak of 26°C at around 13:00.

The day is expected to have a mixture of bursts of pure sunshine and sunny intervals throughout the day, with the temperature only slowly beginning to dip at 22:00, where it will still be around 20°C.

It is then expected to become cloudier with some showers on Monday, with winds remaining light throughout.