WATCH: Shock footage of refugees sneaking into lorry with Doncaster-bound polar bear

This was the scene at the notorious Jungle Camp in Calais, when three refugees attempting to make their way into Britain were given the shock of their lives when they came face-to-face with a polar bear bound for the borough.

Nissan the polar bear was on the final leg of his 1,000-mile journey from Russia when the trio forced open the rear doors of the vehicle carrying the 22-month-old cub, who roared as they climbed on board.

As this incredible footage shows - Nissan did not deter the desperate group, who still boarded the lorry and hid behind the bear’s steel cage.

Amazingly, the men spent 10 minutes huddled in total darkness before French police, acting on a tip off, removed them from the truck on Tuesday morning.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s animal manager Simon Marsh said: “Nissan was unfazed by the incident, which occurred in slow-moving traffic.

“Support staff did a quick check on Nissan, who remained comfortable, before the journey continued on schedule.”

Nissan, who has come from Moscow Zoo, is now safely settling in at the Wildlife Park in Branton.

He joins favourites Victor, aged 16, and two-year-old Pixel at the park’s 10-acre Project Polar reserve.

Simon said: “Nissan is settling in really well and it is great to have him here.

“He is in the house at the moment while he gets to know his surroundings, the rangers who will be looking after him and Victor and Pixel. Every animal takes a different length of time to settle in but we are sure he will be out so that people will be able to see him over the next few weeks.

“We are happy now that we have Nissan here in great shape and I’m sure visitors will fall in love with him once he settles in and is ready to be out in the reserves and be seen by visitors.”

Nissan was born at Izevesk Zoo, in Russia, on December 12, 2013.

His new home is divided into four sections featuring landscaped hills, valleys and lakes with water up to eight metres deep.