Warning about sharing intimate images and video online


Humberside Police are warning members of the public about the dangers of sharing private intimate images and video on the internet following two recent cases of people being black mailed after sharing such content on-line.

In the most recent case a man visited a on-line networking site and became friendly with a woman on the site. After some time the woman encouraged him to video call her, on this call they both performed intimate acts. The woman then stated that she had copied that footage and threatened to share the footage on-line if he didn’t pay her. Fearing this may happen the man contacted the police.

Members of the public are reminded that any images or video messages on-line have the potential to be used by other people on the world wide web. It is vital that images and video are only uploaded or agreed to if they trust the person they are in contact with.

On Social media networking site people should only share content they are happy for people to view and re-post, while ensuring privacy settings are set to an appropriate level.

Options are available to people who have had images or videos shared on-line by a third party. These include using the moderation functions on most sites to report issues.

Another option is to visit www.iwf.org.uk which has guidance on cases that they will review on a case by case basis. If the content is deemed by them to meet set criteria they will consider assisting in the removal of images and videos on UK hosted sites.