Volunteers organise a bridge spring clean

Litter collectors at Three Rivers collected a huge amount of rubbish in just an hour. Picture: Andrew Kershaw
Litter collectors at Three Rivers collected a huge amount of rubbish in just an hour. Picture: Andrew Kershaw

Residents, anglers and representatives from several environmental bodies collected dozens of bags of rubbish at Pilfrey Bridge, Three Rivers, between Keadby and Crowle.

Last Saturday’s litter pick - the third such event at the site - was coordinated by Amcotts man and river campaigner, Terry Oliver.

The 60-year-old is a keen kayaker and has completed the unique hat trick of navigating Britain’s three longest rivers - the Trent, Thames and Severn - raising £12,000 for various charities.

Terry is a member of the Marine Conservation Society and he wants to raise awareness about fly-tipping and littering of sites such as Pilfrey Bridge.

He said: “This is a subject that’s close to my heart and the event went very well.

“This is a site of heritage and I only hope the landowners appreciate and can see that we are creating a better place.”

Among the discarded items collected were DVDs, bottles, used nappies, packaging and plastic containers.

There was one pleasant discovery, though, as a ‘message in a bottle’ dispatched by Owston Ferry Primary School in 2006 was also found.

Terry has since contacted the school and hopes to speak to pupils about the message which centred around a class project about living on an island.

Also present at the litter pick were officials from the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the National History and Geology section of the Scunthorpe Museums Society.

Eddie Gaunt was also there, representing the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, and he criticised those who leave litter at the site.

He said: “We come prepared and the volunteers feel they are doing some good, even if it’s just for a short time.

“It’s very disappointing because volunteers tidy the place up but it’s only clean for a while. I feel we are one of the scruffiest nations, it’s just dreadful.

“I genuinely think people don’t know what they are doing and the effect they are having on the environment.”

Volunteers would like to thank Axholme North Councillor Trevor Barker who arranged for litter sacks to be collected by North Lincolnshire Council.