VIDEO: Trilogy nightclub re-opens in Doncaster

A Doncaster nightclub is back in business once again.

Trilogy in Silver Street has re-opened its doors for a third time - and bosses have pledged that this time the venue is here to stay.

Trilogy, Silver Street, Doncaster.

Trilogy, Silver Street, Doncaster.

The club, Doncaster’s largest nightclub, originally closed in 2010 after seven years in business and then briefly re-opened in winter 2012 under new management for a few weeks before shutting down once again.

But now under fresh onwership once again, the new owners are hoping Doncaster people will flock back to and return the club to the forefront of the town’s nightlife scene.

Michael Clarke of T3 Nightclubs, the firm behind the re-opening, said: “We have re-opened and we’re here to stay.

“We have refurbished the club, we’ve got new sound equipment, new lighting and we’ve got a lot of plans for the future.”

The club has retained its three room layout, offering clubbers a variety of styles of music and will be opening its doors on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as well as Thursdays and Sundays at bank holiday weekends - including this Easter weekend.

The club opened for the first time a few weeks ago but now Michael is calling on people to show their support and see the changes he has made.

“The reaction has been great,” he said. “People need to understand that if they use it, then we will be here to stay.”

Entry is free before midnight and the club will be open from 10pm until 4.30am.

The club originally closed in 2010 due to a slump in trade and was snapped up in 2012 by a new consortium, Yorkshire Bars Limited which announced ambitious plans, creating 100 jobs and installing state-of-the-art sound and light systems at the 3,000-capacity venue - before promptly shutting down again after just three weeks.

Added Michael, who is running the venture alongside business partner Heather Charles: “We are not in it to make money. We’re here to give the people of Doncaster a good time with a great nightclub.”

The building has been home to a nightclub for several decades. Former clubs included Top Rank, Rotters, Elektrik Avenue, Ritzy and Visage.