VIDEO: Sheffield United fan Sean Bean praises Blades and Sheffield FC - but avoids Sheffield Wednesday in online clip

Sean Bean in the promotional film. (Photo: YouTube/HR Media).
Sean Bean in the promotional film. (Photo: YouTube/HR Media).

Sheffield-born and bred Hollywood star Sean Bean has sung his home city's praises in a new online video - but avoided paying tribute to Sheffield Wednesday in the promo film.

The Game of Thrones star has praised the city's people and sporting heritage in a short promotional clip filmed at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane stadium.

But while he sung the praises of United, the star skipped over Wednesday's achievements in the film.

Dressed in a Blades top and being interviewed in front of the club's mascot Captain Blade, the clip of the lifelong United fan, entitled "Sean Bean on why Sheffield IS super!" has been uploaded to video sharing website YouTube.

He says: "They call it the Steel City and they don't call it the Steel City for nothing.

"It has got a lot of resolve and passion and a lot of drive and a lot of imagination too.

"We've always been well renowned for sporting ability. Look at Sheffield United and Sheffield FC."

He added: "Its the will of the people. The drive of the people is something I am proud of. Its a great place to come from."