VIDEO: Huge swarm of bees causes panic in Sheffield

A huge swarm of bees caused panic when thousands of the insects descended on a quiet Sheffield street.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16 May, 2017, 15:16
The huge swarm of bees in Valley Road, Meersbrook. (Photo: Den Fett/Twitter).

Footage of the swarm crawling in a huge patch at the side of a road in Meersbrook was shared on Twitter - along with pleas for local beekeepers to come to the rescue of the bees.

Twitter used Den Fett shared the clip on Twitter, showing the swarm on the corner of Valley Road and Upper Valley Road in Meersbrook.

He then contacted Sheffield based honey producer Sheffield Honey who sent out a tweet calling on local beekeepers to rescue the insects from the "swarm splat" - something which can happen when the bees lose the Queen Bee.

Following the incident on Saturday, he later tweeted a picture of two men dressed in beekeeping gear along with the message: "It would seem it got successfully sorted. Cheers."

The swarm descended on Valley Road. (Photo: Google).
The swarm descended on Valley Road. (Photo: Google).