VIDEO: How showbiz stars Ollie Reed, James Hunt and Shaun Ryder ended up fighting in Doncaster

Film star Oliver Reed with Stones Bitter advert star Tony Barton at Clay Lane Club in 1990.
Film star Oliver Reed with Stones Bitter advert star Tony Barton at Clay Lane Club in 1990.

Three stars, three different characters - but all with one thing in common - they all ended up in punch-ups in Doncaster.

Film star Oliver Reed, Formula One champ James Hunt and Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder have all found themselves having fisticuffs in our area over the years - here's the stories behind some of those legendary brawls.

James Hunt hurls coffee at a nightclub doorman after attending a budgie show

The fast-living, party hard playboy, who won the F1 World Championship in 1976 always liked a drink or two - and one night in Doncaster in 1989 proved no exception.

By then with his glittering career far behind him, a worse for wear Hunt, in town after winning two rosettes as a bird breeder at the World Budgerigar Championships, arrived at the door of the former Karisma nighclub in Duke Street.

Wearing jeans, he fell foul of the club's dress code and became involved in an altercation with bouncer Ian Butterfield. Furious at being denied entry, the F1 ace knocked a cup of coffee Butterfield was holding into his face, causing scalding which was later treated at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Hunt was wrestled to the ground by fellow bouncers and frogmarched to a nearby police car where he was promptly arrested. The incident made headline news - and came just a few years before his death in 1993.

Oliver Reed gets a shave in a Doncaster WMC after calling regulars working class pigs

In mid-December 1990, the legednary hell-raiser spent a night knocking back the beer at a Doncaster working men's club.

The scruffy star sported a muddy rugby shirt and a Santa hat when he spent the night at the Clay Lane Club where he often dropped in when he was in South Yorkshire, being a pal of TV comedian David Copperfield, whose parents lived nearby.

Three years earlier, the star ended up pinned to a pool table with a razor at his throat. Members had joked that he looked like a tramp and held him down on the pool table, pulled out razors and gave him an impromptu shave.

It came after he had walked in, thrown £50 on the bar and told the barman to buy ‘all the northen working class pigs beer all round.’

Shaun Ryder has a brawl with his band backstage at The Dome

Another legendary party animal, the former Happy Mondays frontman and later I'm A Celebrity star Shaun Ryder was another never far from the headlines - and so it proved on a night in December 1997.

By then, Ryder was fronting his new outfit, indie dance outfit Black Grape and the band arrived at The Dome in Doncaster as part of a UK tour.

But, just before they were set to take to the stage to perform songs such as Reverend Black Grape and Kelly's Heroes, the band became embroiled in a massive bust-up. The show was pulled at the eleventh hour, the band collapsed and the fracas made front page headlines in the NME the following week.

There was no joy when the band reformed either. A gig 18 years later at the town's Diamond Live Lounge was also axed late on, disappointing Doncaster fans once more.