VIDEO: Hook a duck hero saves stranded ducklings in Doncaster

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A ‘quackers’ video that shows a hero worker saving distressed ducklings from a storm drain has gone viral on Facebook.

Gary Bartoszewski, a salesman for Sofaworks at Danum Retail Park in Doncaster, sprang into action after hearing a distressed duck calling for her 10 fluffy babies who had fallen into the drain through a grate.

Someone videoed the 47-year-old as he used a children’s fishing net to hook the ducklings out one by one and the video, on Ladsbible on Facebook, has received more than one million hits to date.

Gary, who describes himself as an unlikely hero, said: “The video has received hits from across the world. There have been hits from the USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. I can’t believe how much attention this is receiving.”

He added: “I must also thank another worker from a nearby retail unit who also helped. We tried everything to get the grate off including tying the rope to the grate pulled by a forklift truck. The rope snapped. It was then that I came upon the idea to use the fishing net.”

For the full story see the June 25 edition of the Doncaster Free Press.

To see the video taken by Pippa Tetley go to: Ducklings being rescued