VIDEO: Doncaster College staff take part in strike action today

Staff at Doncaster College took part in a one day walkout after being offered an '˜unacceptable' zero per cent pay rise.

Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 10:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th February 2016, 10:20 am

Unison and University College Union (UCU) members stood on the picket line outside the Hub campus yesterday after an overwhelming vote for industrial action. The one day action came after a zero per cent pay rise offer from the Association of Colleges following negotiations with the trade unions. Doncaster College was amongst 200 colleges across the country taking part in industrial action yesterday over pay.A Unison spokesman said: “Colleges were given the opportunity to submit improved local pay offers and no such satisfactory offer was received from Doncaster College.” Speaking on the picket line Rod Challis tutor at Doncaster College and branch secretary of UCU said: “Nobody wants to take strike action and certainly people who work in education don’t want to let the students down but unfortunately the people running further education in the United Kingdom think that it’s fine for employees in England to have a 0 per cent pay rise this year.”Mr Challis said the last time Doncaster College employees had any form of pay rise was 2010He added: “It’s got to a stage now where enough is enough, there’s 200 colleges across England who have decided enough is enough and are taking action and we especially feel it in Doncaster.”Doncaster College was unavailable for comment.

Picket line outside Doncaster College
Picket line outside Doncaster College