VIDEO: Businesses hit by town centre ‘explosion’

A number of businesses on Silver Street are currently without power, due to an electrical ‘explosion’ caused by a fault with an underground cable.

A spokesperson for Northern Powergrid, the region’s electricity network distributer, confirmed that the explosion was caused by an underground electrical cable developed a fault causing the pavement to lift and visible smoke to appear from the pavement.

They continued: “Electricity supplies to 24 customers in the immediate vicinity were disrupted.

“Our engineers are on site carrying out a repair to the underground cable and are estimating 21 customers will be restored by 4pm today.

“The remaining three customers will be restored later this evening.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank those affected for their patience while we work to carry out the repair.”

The incident is believed to have happened at approximately midday just outside Cooplands.

Eyewitness Nick holder, of Doncaster town centre, was in town shopping and described a manhole cover being blown out, in what he described as ‘an electrical explosion’.

He said: “I saw a flash and smoke coming out of the ground. There was no indication of how it had happened.

“It blew a man hole cover off and it nearly hit an old lady. She was very shaken up - she just said ‘it nearly hit me’.

“My first thought was to get out of there. It was quite scary.”

Silver Street was sealed off by police for a number of hours following the explosion, and the pavement outside Cooplands is still sealed off.

The power outage has also affected a number of businesses on High Street, including Shoe Zone.

Friends Daniel Baker, 25, and Claire Coney, 28, also witnessed the explosion.

Dale said: “We were on their lunch break walking up Silver Street past the Danum Hotel towards the Frenchgate. We had just gone past cash converters when we heard a bang. We saw slabs coming up off the floor following the explosions.”

Claire continued: “I telephoned the police and the fire brigade and minutes later they turned up. Until they turned up we were diverting passenger away from the scene.”

More to follow.

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