VIDEO: Are THESE the best Christmas lights in South Yorkshire?

The countdown to Christmas continues and the festive decorations are going up.

And some families are taking things to a whole new level, turning the outside of their homes into dazzling festive light displays.

One Rotherham man - Simon Jones - has laid down the gauntlet to the people of South Yorkshire, challenging them outdo his Christmas lights efforts.

And it's a family affair for Simon, of Kimberworth. His parents Ian and Tracey have also got in on the act and bedecked their home with a brilliant selection of lights.

Simon said: "We have being doing this many years but decided to have a couple of years off.

"As you can see tho, we are back to our usual ways."

Are YOU keeping up with the Jones'? Are your Christmas lights better than theirs?

If you think they are send you photos and videos to