VIDEO: Air raid sirens signal Sheffield Blitz commemoration

World War Two air raid sirens rang out across the city of Sheffield last night (Saturday December 12th) to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Blitz.

Their arrival was pre-empted when two original 1940s searchlights beamed into the sky from The Moor - an area of the city centre that was virtually flattened in the attacks.

Blitz anniversary event

Blitz anniversary event

The air raid sirens signalled the start of dramatic ‘ring of searchlights’ that shone into the skies of Sheffield from key areas around The Moor/Sheffield city centre.

Members of the public were also encouraged to ‘black out’ at 7.15pm - the exact time 75 years ago the bombs started dropping in Sheffield city centre - for two minutes as a mark of respect for the hundreds that were killed and wounded in the Sheffield Blitz.