VIDEO: A drive through Doncaster in 1992

Doncaster  town centre in the early 90s.
Doncaster town centre in the early 90s.

A video taking a nostalgic trip through Doncaster 23 years ago is proving a big hit online.

The five minute clip, posted on YouTube, shows how the town has changed beyond recognition and focuses on the work to transform York Road into a dual carriageway more than two decades ago.

Posted by YouTube user radiation1001, the dashboard footage shows the host of changes that have taken place on the road between the Sun Inn and Frenchgate Centre in the last twenty years.

Included in the film are the remains of the former Don Cinema at Town End, the Booth scrapyard, which is where Morrisons supermarket now lies, as well as a host of other buildings which bit the dust as part of the road widening scheme.

Bus shelters and signs from days gone by are also featured in the video which is soundtracked by Gary Numan’s Cars.

A description posted with the clip says: “A drive along York Road from the Sun Inn to the Frenchgate (Arndale) Centre roundabout during the road dualling scheme in June 1992. The video has been transferred from Hi8 to VHS to DVD to PC so has lost a lot of detail. It still may be of interest to anyone who remembers the traffic jams before the road was made into a dual carriageway with fondness!!”

The video has been picked up by Facebook users with many sharing the video with friends.

So come with us and see how the area has changed in the last two decades.